The configuration of Pacifica Authentication is done on the command line using arguments passed to services that incorporate the library.

Authentication Options

These are common command line switches when Pacifica services include the authentication library.

Session Directory --session-dir

Default is sessions and contains the user sessions managed by the core service.

Database URL --db-url

Default is sqlite:///database.sqlite3 and is the SQLAlchemy engine connection url

Social Auth Module --social-module

Python Social Auth backends Python module name. The module name is relative to social_core.backends.

Social Auth Class --social-class

Python Social Auth class name from the module in the --social-module name.

Social Auth Settings --social-setting

Python Social Auth settings are passed as to CherryPy configrations. Examples are the following:

pacifica-service \
  --social-setting=github_key=<GitHub OAuth Key> \
  --social-setting=github_secret=<GitHub OAuth Secret>

Application Directory --app-dir

This is optional as some Pacifica services don’t serve applications to users. This can serve both ReactJS or Swagger-UI as example applications.